Infrastructure solutions from ILM-IT

Hardware new or used

Not every application always requires the latest technology, often older systems are perfectly adequate.

If systems you have just bought are no longer available, we will find spare parts for you that are difficult to find worldwide.

Manufacturer-independent maintenance

Different maintenance contracts, extremely high maintenance costs for old hardware puts a strain on every IT budget. Reduce your maintenance costs with manufacturer-independent maintenance.

We offer you alternative maintenance at attractive conditions.

Buy, rent or lease

The decline in the value of hardware and software is immense, often you will only be offered residual amounts for acquisition values after 3 years. Data deletion and transport often exceed the sales proceeds.

Leasing or renting is a sensible alternative; we offer you used hardware with service contracts.

IT purchase and data erasure

You don't know what to do with your old hardware, sensitive data is on the data carriers. Do not carelessly dispose of your old hardware.

With ILM-IT you fulfil the obligation of data deletion and receive compensation for the old systems.